Healing The Ancestral Lines

Free Video Series: What is it? How do we do it? And why do we need to?

We all have ancestors and today Ancestors are a mixed legacy. Some are well Ancestors who are a source of great blessings and protection. Others are stuck and unreconciled. They repel us with their legacy of injustice, abuse, and suffering.

A strong working relationship with your well Ancestors brings a powerful protection, guidance, and ultimately the ability to engage in lasting transformation of your unwell ancestors for family healing—physical, mental, and emotional—and restorative social justice.


Reports from the Edge

Interview with Langston Kahn

Interview with Rebecca Pepper

How do we reconcile our lives?

Why watch?

We can each start working with our well ancestors in a real way by taking one step from where ever we are. With this video series you get:

  • An overview of the ancestral healing landscape today, why it evolved in this way, and the range of steps we can take to restore a healthy relationship with our relations.
  • Clarity about why some ancestral healing is simple, some involves a kind of complex untangling, and what we need to create lasting change for each.
  • Discussion of the many ways issues with the stuck and unwell ancestors show up in our healing issues as a persistent patterns, “curse,” or intrusive energy.
  • Thoughts on what we learn from the dead for how to live in ways that we become amazing ancestors for our descendants.

Would you like to feel fully supported by your well ancestors in each day? Listen to find out how to begin.

Anyone can take that first step now
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