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The Gift Not Yet Opened

This is a curated set of free podcasts from the archives of Why Shamanism Now gathered for you to explore some of the ideas shared in The Gift Not Yet Opened, an interview with Christina Lee Pratt and Alison Palmer during The Future of Energy Medicine and Body Wisdom summit, 2020.

As we focus on using our gifts in the world, expressing our purpose, and helping others we often miss the gifts life gives us that are challenging to open. Some take too much time. Some are disguised as problems and work we don’t think is ours to do. Some take a willingness to turn away from the world and it’s needs for longer that we trust we can take. Whatever the delivery of these strange gifts, they are from the Unknown. They are sacred and we must learn to unpack them. They are the path that brings us into the person we could be and the person our world needs us to be.

1. Receiving the Gift

is about how we notice and accept the gifts that come in strange packages of ugliness, frustration, meanness, or heartbreak. They come at the “wrong time” or from the “wrong person.”

2. Giving Gratitude for the Hard Stuff

is about how we show true gratitude for the gifts that come to us through the door of pain, betrayal, heartbreak, and less than perfect parents.

3. What is Shadow Work

is all about myth busting so you don’t waste your time doing shadow work that isn’t actually shadow work.

4. What is Shadow Work Now?

explains that “Shadow work isn’t psychological work, its heart work.”

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