Discover How to Find and Clear Dissonant Inner Energies to Embody a Fully Grounded, Passionate and Heart-Centered Life that Works.

If you're like me, you want to feel vibrant, alive, and effective in your life. You want to wake energized for the things that matter most, engage in rich and meaningful work, and cultivate robust good health.

Yet we live in a fast-paced, tuned-in, stressed-out world where there is little time for cultivation, to refocus our scattered energy, or address the way other people's energy seems to always be in our business. Most of us aren't aware of the multiple ways our energy is being drained, given away, or simply wasted unnecessarily.

You are following your culture's blueprint for a good life and you've done what you were expected to do. But you aren't quite living the life you know is out there.

You might even feel stressed, anxious, depressed, deeply lonely, disconnected, or just completely overwhelmed. At some level we are ALL dealing with this and simply don't know what else to do.

And we all come by this dilemma honestly.

Our modern culture, for all of its positives, is ignorant of the need to maintain your energy body

You were taught to ignore the language of your senses, to disregard the red flags your body sends, and to be disconnected from your inner wisdom.

However, when you learn how to sustain the four basic dynamics of your energy body, then your red flags become the signposts to your inner wisdom.

You're probably wondering how…

Because your energy body has its own language that doesn't care if you're male or female, logical or creative, or spiritual or not. It's still your language.

Best of all, you can transform any unresolved past issues by learning how to communicate in your energy body language.

This means you can build the life of meaning and purpose that you dream of.

That's why I created Energy Body Mastery, to help you master your energy body and its language so that you can transform your life.

Energy Body Mastery is one of the
pre-requisites for the following courses:

Energy Body Clearing: The Foundation
7-week live online course
May 2020

Masks of Illusion and the Authentic Self

5-day Cycle Retreat
June 21-26, 2020

Ancestral Healing Protocol
8-week live online course
August 2020
Energy Body Clearing: Advanced Strategies

7-week live online course

In this seven-week program, you'll learn:

  • How to clearly understand the four key structures of your Energy Body, and why that's important
  • The simple actions you need to do to cultivate the dynamics of your Energy Body
  • How to use the power of visualizations to engage your imagination
  • The natural way to release your limiting beliefs, clear emotional turmoil or numbness, and free yourself from unresolved past issues

By the end of this course, you'll have the information, tools and practices to release stress and anxiety at its root, to disentangle yourself from complex relationships, and to redirect your energy into activities you value and enjoy.

You will create a new solid foundation for your life, ingrained in inner wisdom, deep passion, and clarity.

Saturdays, February 29-April 11

Do you already know you want this class?



Langston Kahn:

I have always been fascinated by spirituality and the unseen. I had explored a lot by my early twenties - energy healing, witchcraft, African diasporic traditions, somatic healing modalities… but my life was still a mess.

I was working full time with no insurance at a job I hated, drowning in student loan debt, confusing others’ emotions with my own, and rarely honoring my limits and boundaries.

When western medicine failed to help with an autoimmune disease, I found a shaman who diagnosed one primary issue at the root of all my problems: no boundaries. The shaman removed the problematic energetic compensation I had created and tasked me with cultivating my own actual, energy body.

At first, “energy body” felt strange and awkward. But Christina Pratt taught me how to deeply ground in my body, get out of my head, and develop a deep sense of belonging and home. I finally learned how to cultivate healthy, intelligent boundaries and take responsibility for my energy as a spiritual adult.

Everything changed.

I am able to release and transform the ways I internalized oppression and trauma from my past so that it no longer impacts my present.

Energy Body Mastery became a foundation that supports every single aspect of my life. I see my life as a teacher, actively conspiring with my body and soul to show me what needs my attention so that I can bring my unique medicine into the world.

I am devoted to sharing these techniques with others. While I learned the hard way, I envision a future where younger generations don’t have to. These techniques are the best foundation I know.

I hope you’ll join Jane and me on this adventure of mastering our energy bodies and finding the freedom to live what has heart and meaning.

Jane Carr:

I spent my teens and 20s frustrated by my inability to use my gifts of sensitivity and perception to make headway on things that mattered most to me.

Instead I directed my energies toward sensing what others wanted and delivering on their expectations. I was stuck in my own patterns and unable, in spite of intelligence and education, to express my power authentically in my life.

Returning to the U.S. after Peace Corps service, I found two new skillsets: energy body cultivation and shamanism. With these skills I learned to co-wield my power with others, both human and spirits. I began to use my sensitivity as a tool for discerning what broke my heart and to accurately perceive what I needed to do to change and do it.

Energy Body Mastery and cultivation were at the root of my new capacity to, in the words of Audre Lorde, “dare to be powerful, to use [my] strength in service of [my] vision.”

Through Energy Body Mastery I learned to connect to the Earth and the Cosmos, to ground effectively, and to cultivate robust and intelligent boundaries. Using these skills I discovered that by compassionately sensing our own energy, we also give ourselves an alternative to sensing and following the dehumanizing messages of our culture.

I am excited to teach you these skills so that you can learn to purposefully and powerfully direct your energies toward your visions of a more beautiful world.

My invitation to you is to step into a circle with Langston and me and learn practices that affirm our shared humanity. Join us in claiming your own powers of attention and intention to shape an energy body of vitality and use the gorgeous creativity of free will.

What People are Saying About
Energy Body Mastery…

“I loved this class so much! I needed to learn boundaries to help me protect myself as a shamanic practitioner and medium. Having said that, everyone needs to have this knowledge to have the ability to deal with life as we know it. The day to day environment you find yourselves in will improve after taking this course! . I have never had a teacher able to explain how to build boundaries in a healthy way that I could understand. Having taken this class, I now have the tools for the first time to do what I have never been able to do before… All of the support I needed was available to me in a wonderful online community. I can highly recommend this class to absolutely anyone. You will not regret it!”

- Kim Gerlach, Luminosity Medium and Shamanic Practice

“Energy Body Mastery has been-and continues to be-foundational for all my work, and indeed for life. I’d learned about spiritual hygiene and therapeutic boundaries but it was all abstract and sporadic. EBM gave me a daily practice and a practical framework to understand the dimensions of my energy body and the space between my energy and the energy of the world. As a person who loves to overthink, I found the tools gently shifted my awareness out of my mind and into my body, with compassion and curiosity. …The course creates and reaches into a global community of people wanting to live a healthy, conscious and intentional lives. I found so much support online and still do. EBM is compassionate, clear, sustainable, foundational and essential.”

- Bridget de Gersigny, MFA., LGBTQI activist-funder, & Shamanic Practitioner

“I have been practicing and using energy techniques for personal growth and in my healing practice for decades. I vacillated between thinking it was impossible to master my energy body and thinking I knew all I needed to know and done all there was to do. Energy Body Mastery is interesting, informative, fun and effective. My daily energy experience is clearly in better balance. The energy boost benefit of being in a global community of other participants was helpful and the question and answer system was excellent. It was all clearly coming from the heart and with integrity. An excellent investment.”

- Daniel Abney, LMP,CST: Physical and Energetic Healing for all Beings and Property

“Energy Body Mastery has been the most instrumental practice for cleaning up my relationships, especially when it came to patterns, habits, conflicts, resentments, and even the most subtle codependencies. Self-responsibility has shifted from a mental and psychological concept, to an undoubted clarity that the way I am with my energy starts with me. Now, when I tend to my own energy I access new responses and behaviors and new ways of perceiving, being, and relating to others.”

- Mati Vargas-Gibson, MA, MFA, Certified Teacher of 5Rhythms Movement Meditation


Here’s What You’ll Learn

Session 1 Seeing and Feeling Your Invisible Energy Body

Find out why having an energy body is the most important thing you should know about.

What's more, your energy body has "hygiene" needs just like your physical body. Imagine what your physical body would look and feel like if you never cared for it?

During this session you'll learn:

  • The practice to cleanse your energy body
  • The practice to nourish your energy body
  • Options to create a strong, grounded foundation for stability, measured change, and balance
  • How to dispel the many "false foundations" people commonly ground into
  • The practice to strengthen your grounded foundation in day-to-day life

Session 2 Cultivating the Endless Resources Available to You

The center of your energy body is a meeting place of Heaven and Earth.

Each is an endless, but distinctly different, resource that you can draw on to restore, enliven, or attune any aspect of your body, heart, mind, or spirit.

With the right practices, the possibilities to use these resources are bound only by your imagination.

In this session, you'll continue to build on the understanding of the principles and add more practices. You'll learn:

  • The practice to step into the center of your energy body and meet “Heaven and Earth”
  • The practice to align your instinct (center), your intuition (heart), and your insight (mind)
  • How to activate and cultivate your own Truth Cord so that you know the truth regardless of expectations, manipulations, and undue influence of others
  • To self-correct your everyday actions that weaken your Truth Cord with actions that strengthen it

Session 3 Creating Intelligent Boundaries

Healthy boundaries have their own intelligence. These support you in simplifying messy relationships, clarifying your focus, and conserving energy in your interactions.

Boundaries are a real thing, created in your energy body, and are reinforced by your words and actions.

When healthy boundaries exist in the energy body, you will no longer feel porous, anxious, or easily invaded by others.

In this session, you'll continue to build on the understanding of the principles and add more practices. You'll learn:

  • To clarify what healthy, intelligent boundaries are and dispel popular myths and misconceptions of boundaries and shielding
  • The practice to direct energy into healthy boundaries and open the imagination to experience claiming a safe space
  • Techniques for scanning, clearing, and repairing the boundaries

Session 4 Owning Your Power to Create Change

With the primary structures of your energy body now created and connected, we can begin to use this as an internal space.

This is where you’ll align and attune with energies. It is also where you find your stories, memories, and the unresolved issues from the past that have taken root.

Now you have 100% power to create change in yourself.

In this session, you will explore your energy body as an inner landscape and learn skills to create change. You’ll learn:

  • The importance of your Inner Healer, who is the guide to your inner landscape
  • How beliefs manifest in your inner landscape and how to access the power to change
  • Your seven powers and the seven poisons that undermine them

Session 5 Unlocking Your Inner Wisdom

Life is conspiring with your soul in every moment to give you the experiences you need to remember why you are here.

And that conspiracy can be frustrating, challenging, frightening—and at times heartbreaking—until we figure out how to learn from this Great Teacher.

With that knowledge, each lesson is an opportunity to come to know your True Self, the one who remains whole and unharmed.

In this session, you will explore the principles, techniques, and practices you need to unlock your wisdom. You’ll learn:

  • Techniques to notice “who in you” is ready, and then accurately unlock your hidden wisdom
  • Coordinated practice for cultivating your energy body and the beliefs that support the True Self
  • Guidelines for supporting others in clearing and being supported
  • The review-of-the-day practice to notice “who in you” is ready, pull back your projections, and create effective change

Session 6 Releasing the Gifts of Self in Repeating Patterns

Repeating patterns come in many forms and they are all unwieldy, unconscious, and expensive to work with in life because the source of the pattern is elusive.

By week six, you’ll know that the source of these patterns is rooted in your Energy Body. At the source, they are simple, and you have the power to change them.

Your Deep Liberation arises when you clear the source in the energy body and free yourself to shape your life with conscious choice.

In this session, you will explore the principles, techniques, and practices you need to gain freedom from your repeating patterns. You’ll learn:

  • To enjoy the adventure and discover techniques to follow the energy, track with Crazy Logic, and trust the process
  • Clarify “who in you" holds the unresolved past energies and how they show up in your inner landscape
  • To use inner self inquiry to uncover your hearts unique secret
  • Experience the power of curiosity and compassion

Session 7 Clearing the Past, Claiming Your Future

Clearing the source energies of repeating patterns and emotional upset is satisfying, exhilarating and freeing. And each clearing is a reunion between you and a long lost aspect of your True Self.

As you learn to weave more and more of your True Self together, your heart-centered, present-time self grows unstoppable. This leads to claiming the future of your deepest desires.

This session puts it all together. You’ll learn:

  • Techniques for clearing the “cords” and “contracts” that comprise the foundation of draining or unsatisfying relationships
  • Best practices for Energy Body Mastery
  • Best practices for clearing solo and in pairs
  • Techniques for completing your process, identifying the True Self being restored, and “cleaning up” or recycling byproducts of the patterns cleared

What People are Saying About Langston and Jane…

“Langston and Jane are the first senior teachers at Last Mask Center in the Cycle of Transformation Teachings. They have dedicated years of study with me, mentored their community members, and explored many years of independent study of additional work that allows them to deepen and express their unique gifts. I am honored to call them community members and senior teachers. You will be in exceptionally good hands.”

Christina Pratt, author, healer, teacher at Last Mask Center and creator of Energy Body Mastery

"Langston is skillful, inspired, and brilliant at facilitating and articulating very subtle, challenging material. He speaks from deep training and experience, and offers great care in his teaching container. I also feel such a greater degree of confidence now with my other practices (Focusing and Somatic Descent)."

Micah Hoffman, School Psychologist, Alaska

"Jane is a thoughtful and warm teacher who brings compassion and fierce brightness to her teaching. She shares her intuitive insight and generous intelligence with those she works with. From her teaching I’ve learned to connect with the parts of myself that want to be heard and to listen to my own internal capacity for healing and wisdom. I strongly recommend Jane as a teacher to anyone who seeks a deeper understanding of themselves. She’s a gift."

Beth Douglas, Researcher

It's More Than A Course, It's Your Community

When you register for Energy Body Mastery, you'll become part of an inspired, vibrant global learning community of individuals just like you, who are seeking skills to become the men or women they were born to be. You'll interact online with Langston, Jane, and Christina and your fellow students from around the world through a private, social network created exclusively for the participants of this course. These are oral, experiential teachings that require engagement and camaraderie of working it out together. You will be supporting and partnering with each other to learn from the collective wisdom we share together.

Rest assured, your personal work will always be held securely in this sacred, virtual space. As a part of each week's curriculum, you'll be given practices, questions for reflection, and invited to post your responses in the forum. Langston and Jane will be available on a weekly basis to answer your questions and deepen your enjoyment of learning to be a better human.

Seven Live 90-Minute Course Sessions Facilitated
by Langston Kahn and Jane Carr

Each session will teach you, step-by-step, the techniques to cultivate your energy body and the practical tools for mastery in emotional and intuitive energy processing. Langston and Jane will support and guide you in the practices, application, and exploration of this complete skill set. Through the sessions you will develop awareness, cultivate actual components of your energy body, and understand precisely how to use them with integrity in the world.

Please note: Recordings of these sessions will be posted each day, so if you can’t make a session live, you will always have access to listen.

Seven Live Q&A Sessions
with Langston Kahn and Jane Carr

Langston and Jane have set aside time each week to answer your questions. You will have the opportunity to learn from each other’s questions, experience, and the answers shared as you develop clarity and integrity in your energy body. If you have concerns or uncertainty arise in the practices, these sessions are offered to help you get clearer and more connected to the concepts in the course.

Please note: Recordings of these sessions will be posted each day, so if you can’t make a session live, you will always have access to listen.​​​​​​​

Practices and Weekly Focus
​​​​​​​to explore each new topic

Each week you will receive practices and an experiential focus specifically designed to deepen and support your understanding and practical integration of the course content covered.

Access to Custom-Designed, Private Website with Materials, Videos, and Practices

You will have access to all of the course materials on the Energy Body Mastery Course website. Where every you are you can simply log in to find the weekly practices, challenges, videos, and the recording of the sessions.

Audio Recordings of All Sessions

You will receive a recording of each course session so if you miss a live session or wish to listen to it again and again you can. These recordings can be a wonderful tool to deepen your integration of the teachings.

Private Facebook Group for Participants

Connect and engage with other course participants in this private, practice community group. As you go through the course, you will be able to connect with other participants to share your questions, experiences, breakthroughs and insights. This collaborative support allows you to deepen into the principles and teachings and share your expanding human experience.


Releasing Trauma Through the Felt Sense—an online class with Langston Kahn

The felt sense, a term first coined by Eugene Gendlin, is a knowing beyond words that we carry within our bodies. Join Langston as he shares his area of deep expertise: how we can engage this vital wisdom of the body to release painful, overwhelming or stuck places within ourselves and allow them to guide us towards forward movement in our lives.

Learn to Listen to Your Body — eBook by Langston Kahn

7 Steps for Accessing Your Innate Wisdom and Getting Unstuck. Access the innate wisdom of your body and engage your emotions in a way that allows them to express fully, share the information they contain and then be released. Learn these steps to get unstuck from your patterns and allow the BIG YOU to move more freely out in the world.

Bringing the Elements In —Three audio visualizations by Jane Carr

These guided visualizations are ready for you to download and use anywhere. They guide you in calling the four elements into your energy body and into your day. We learn how to flow, connect, and create balance from the elements. This series includes: Bringing the Elements into our Grounding, Bringing the Elements into Our Hearts and Heart Protection, and Brining the Elements in to Support Our Boundaries.

Qi Gong for the Cultivation Grounding Energy—Video with Christina Pratt

Grounding is a choice. To ground is to show up and be present in your body, which is the first step to everything else that really matters. This qi gong guides you in the cultivation of grounding energy that supports you no matter where you are or what is going on around you.

Qigong for the Cultivation of Heaven on Earth: The Center Channel — Video with Christina Pratt

Conserving and protecting your energy resources are essential to live well. The world looks physical and solid, but in reality, it’s all energy and it’s all connected—and so are you. Whether you are engaged in religion, spirituality, shamanism or just plain living life you are still an energy being living in an energy world. This practice cultivates your relationship with the Universal energies of the nourishing, sacred Earth and the radiant, divine Sky to replenish and inspire.

Qigong for the Cultivation of Healthy Boundaries — Video with Christina Pratt

Healthy energetic boundaries are necessary to respond flexibly to what the day offers while staying focused on your vision in the face of multiple distractions. When you choose to ignore your boundaries or to shield and over-fortify, you lose or waste energy throughout the day and experience miscommunication and dissatisfaction in relationships. This practice cultivates the energy and awareness needed for healthy boundaries to allow focus and resources to flow into you, your relationships and your path to your destiny

Qigong for the Cultivation and Exploration of your Inner Landscape — Video with Christina Pratt

To have the energy to live authentically we need to cultivate a vital and robust energy body. Qi gong, time in nature, and naps can fill the bucket, while a day that requires you ignore your body, work beyond your ability to think, and drink caffeine to survive the day usually empties the bucket. This practice cultivates the energy and awareness of our inner landscape where we can clear the deep roots of persistent patterns and recover hidden inner resources.

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What is an online course?

This online course delivers live curriculum to you on a weekly basis and you can determine and control how you do the work. Whether your favorable work time is morning or evening, you can participate live or listen to the recordings of each session at your convenience. In addition, all of the course materials are available to you at any time on the course website.

Do I need any special equipment?

Nothing special, just a device that connects to the Internet to participate in the Zoom classes, access the Facebook group, and to access the course website. Headphones can help with sound quality.

What if I miss a Live Session or Q&A?

Please do not worry! This is not a problem – recordings of each session are available soon after so you can download and listen to them at your own convenience. You can post any questions in advance for the live class on the closed Facebook group and Jane or Langston will will answer them in the next live session.

What are the dates and times for the sessions?

The course begins Saturday, February 29 @ 9:00 AM PST/12noon EST. Each session is 120 minutes and airs each Saturday from February 29 through April 11, 2020.

I can’t attend each session live — What now?

No worries. You can post questions in advance on the group Facebook page or after you have watched the recording of the class. In fact, many people who take the course are unable to attend all the sessions live and they report that their experiences are just as powerful via the recordings.

What if I need more support, are you available for sessions?

Langston and Jane are available for individual sessions via phone, SKYPE, or Zoom for course participants if you feel you require individual consultation. There is limited availability. For questions and queries regarding the teaching content each session you are encouraged to post on our group Facebook page.

Do I have to finish the course in a certain time period?

You can finish the course at your own pace in your own time. You will be able to download all the materials and/or access them on the course website. You will have ongoing access to the community FB group so that you can continue to interact and learn with the course participants even after you have completed your sessions. There will be ongoing support offered for continued learning and integration.

What about confidentiality?

Your experience remains completely confidential. If you wish to share in the live session or on the closed Facebook group, there is a confidentiality agreement in place. We respect the vulnerability it takes to learn something new and honor the shared, sacred space.

Do I need strong internet skills to do this course?

Only for accessing the course website, downloading course material (if you choose to) and interaction in the Q&A aspect of the sessions. We will give you all the support we can – and you’ll see that, once you’re in the flow, it’s really easy.

Does the course require specific knowledge or experience?

Previous knowledge or experience is not required or necessary. All you need is curiosity, compassion for your own learning self, and joy in engaging your imagination.